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About Me

Recognition of 10+ years of Certification Exemplar Global - 2021

Certifed Quality, Environment and OH&S Management Systems Lead Auditor - 2011 - 2021


Certified Level 2 Coach - 2019


Diploma Quality Auditing - 2009


Certificate IV Business Development - 2006

DISC Practitioner - 2022

Asana Ambassador - 2022

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Many years ago one of my team told me the most valuable lesson he learnt from me was ‘How to get things done’. I had never thought about it too much until that point, I just thought everyone could do it? So, I have been ‘getting it done’ for over 30 years working for many organisations and now, as a business owner. 


For over 20 years in my profession as a certification auditor I have had exposure to hundreds of businesses and had the opportunity to talk to people in different professions and trades. As a result, I have learnt what let’s people succeed and what doesn’t. Even now, I continue to learn and adapt to changing business and market needs.

I have a nose for systems and processes. I've seen them all and in all types of businesses ranging from consultancy, project management, telecommunications, education and training, trades and government.
My real world experience is why I can support you in turning your needs, wants and ideas, into a reality and let you succeed. Whether your idea is a new business, a new product, or the implementation of a management system I can support you, helping to create a plan and show you how to make it happen.
If you want to look at one of my businesses check out Auditor Training Online to see what I get up to in the online training space.


I was brought up as a child working 'in business'. My parents were always business owners and I always say that I was brought up behind the counter. 

It was only natural that I would end up being self-employed with my first business kicking off as a teenager, teaching children how to swim. 

Over the years I owned several businesses including service stations, floor covering (yes I laid carpet), management system consulting and now I am currently a triple-certification contract auditor and the owner\director of an online training company, Auditor Training Online

I also love a personal challenge. 

I have hiked the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea, and the Swiss and Italian Alps. To prepare for these epic adventures there was a LOT of planning needed. It is much like a business, I needed a plan to make sure that I was physically and emotionally ready for these challenges. 

So you can see, this ‘getting things done’ is part of my professional and personal life. It’s what I do, and do well.

We can work together so that you ‘get it done’ too!

Let's Make it Happen!

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