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Tips to Kick Off your New Business

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

It can be challenging starting your own business. Taking that idea or concept and making something of it. It's a risk isn't it? Are you prepared to take that risk?

So you have an idea that you want to launch?

There will be mistakes made no doubt, however as long as you look at those mistakes as opportunities to learn and not to be afraid of making those mistakes.

I'm going to share with you a few tips I used recently when working with my eldest son in guiding him to get his new business up and running.

The challenge with a new business is that you need clients, right?

It's easy as an employee as the clients are handed to you (unless you’re in Sales of course). I know when I started my own business as a contracting auditor/consultant, I left my cosy reliable salary job and went to sitting at my desk the next week wondering what I was going to do! Having no income really did push me to get off my backside and put myself out there.

Working with my son and helping him with his new business is much the same. I'm the motivator you could say. We have a plan each day. If he hasn't got any Leads that have come through for the day, then he's to be at my office by 8.00 am and we map out the day.

We have a 10-point system that we're working on. He has to achieve 10 points or more each day. To get these points he has to do any or all of the following, depending on what the individual scoring is:

- phone 3 prospects - so people that he may already know or people that are a friend of a friend that may need his service

- knock on 3 businesses doors and hand in a brochure and card - have a chat to them and see where there at. Establish a relationship

- Clean the work vehicle inside and out

- Do a stock inventory to make sure he's got enough of what he needs

- Email quotes as requested

- Reconcile Xero

- Follow up overdue payments

You can see that there's so much that he can be doing on days that are quiet while he's building his business. In 6 months’, time he will struggle to have the time to do these so this also establishes great habits for when he is busy.

Essentially it's about breaking down what needs to be done or can be done for your new business. Chunking it down, establishing good habits early on.

If you want to know more how I can guide you to get your business launched comment below or contact me to have a chat. I'd love to help!

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