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Take 100% Responsibility

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Take 100% responsibility for your outcomes, for the outcomes of your life, for the outcomes of your job, your career or your finances. Are you ready now?

A great formula that I have come across to help with this is:

E + R = O


The key area in the middle is RESPONSE.

There are 2 choices we have. We can blame the EVENT.

So we can say or tell ourselves

“Oh, it's raining, I can’t go for a run”

You can blame your family. You can blame me, your parents, your mum and dad. You can even blame your kids or your husband! We can always blame or find these excuses for this event.

The option then is to review our response to that event. So, my response to the event is that I'm blaming my husband, I'm blaming my kids, I'm blaming the weather or just that the opportunity didn't arise.

My responses are all wrapped up in my excuses and of course that influences the OUTCOME of what I want to achieve.

Knowing this formula, isn't a magic cure for the rest of your life. You always have the potential to step in and out. You have good days, bad days, good weeks, bad weeks. You just need that gentle prod to push you up again.

This did happen to me recently! I was having a particularly bad time at work and I was blaming everyone else. I was busy. I was answering what I felt were silly questions that I shouldn't have had to answer and fixing mistakes that I shouldn’t have been doing. And it was everyone else's fault according to me. You can imagine how it was making me feel then.

I was stressed.

I was anxious.

And of course it wasn't my fault.

It was everyone else's fault and completely out of my control.

It got to the point where I put my hand up and asked for help. I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful lady that I can talk to - a mentor of my own. She helped me to come back down and get on top again.

This is t

he exercise that I did, and I found it really helpful to change that RESPONSE and stop blaming the EVENT and therefore changing the OUTCOME to a more positive one.

STEP ONE – Act 'As If'

Act ‘as if’ you are responsible. It doesn’t matter who you ‘think’ is at fault just act ‘as if’. And do this for a 30-day trial. You kn

ow how you subscribe to a new product, and you can sign up for a 30-day trial? Do the same for acting ‘as if. See how it turns your thought process around and after the trial you will know whether you want to commit to it for longer!

STEP TWO – Write down the reality

Write down what is actually happening now – the reality. What are the feelings I was experiencing? What were the outcomes as a result?

Even writing that down made me feel better. It was like having a huge vent and releasing all of that frustration. You could start seeing things a lot clearer and all of the negativity was released.

STEP THREE – Write down the expected outcome

Write down what you want the OUTCOME to look like, what you wanted it to feel like. So, flipping it essentially. Write down what this perfect world is, what this perfect day is, what this perfect outcome is - how you want things to be and how you will feel. When you do this, you can already see how this will feel and it does seem achievable.

STEP FOUR – Actions

Looking at your perfect OUTCOME, write down the actions that you need to take to move from the reality of now to that perfect outcome.

This is the stage that I’m up to now. I’ve written down my actions and I’m working my way through them – actually crossed quite a few of this morning! I’ve moved from flipping it on paper to flipping it in reality.

Doing these 3 steps has stopped me from being so cranky and from blaming others and things out of my control.

That’s what happens when you are blaming the EVENT doesn’t it? You get cranky and it actually snowballs, the situation actually gets worse.

To help you with this exercise I’ve written down some questions that you can ask yourself if that helps?

1. What was I thinking?

2. What were my beliefs?

3. What did I say?

4. What did I not say?

5. What did I do to create that result?

6. What did I not do to create that result?

7. What do I need to do differently next time to get the result I want?

8. How did I get the other person to act that way?

Notice that last question? How did I get the other person to act that way? That's interesting isn’t it? See how it's flipping it back to you? This reminds me of something, a great boss of mine told me probably over 25 years ago. He’d always say “Jackie, if you point one finger at someone else, how many fingers are pointing back at you”. I’ve always remembered that!

A big takeaway from this exercise is that it will show you what is actually in YOUR control to change the outcome. This is so powerful!

What to do now?

If you are currently at the stage of moving towards setting up your own business or introducing a new idea or system, and you're coming up with all of these excuses and feel this frustration, I urge you to follow this process.

Act ‘as if’ with a 30-day trial

What are the roadblocks?

Why aren't you getting there?

How is it making you feel?


What does a perfect outcome look like for you?

What does you as an auditor, working for yourself as a contractor or a consultant, what does that look like?

And then write your actions to achieve this perfect OUTCOME.

If you have any experience in this or try this out let me know the outcome. I’d love to hear from you. I can work with you to guide you forward. I totally understand any feelings you might be having as I’ve had them too! Remember that it’s not only you, it is common to feel nervous, anxious or frustrated. I've been there and you're not alone.

We've all felt the same way, so let's do it together.

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