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Lead a team to a high performing quality management system. Become less confused and more accomplished to lead a team and business using a quality management system.

The Big Problem

Did you know that it is very common for quality leaders to feel like they don’t fully understand what their responsibilities are and how to implement them as part of a quality management system? Perhaps you’ve completed general leadership training but how is this relevant to leading a business and meeting the quality management systems leadership requirements? You can read the requirements but what does it look like to implement. After all, you are ultimately responsible for the success of the system and your leadership is what will make or break this success. You don’t want to flounder and could really use the support of an expert to get you on the right track.


An American Society for Quality study found that organizations with effective leadership are five times more likely to have successful QMS implementation and continual improvement which results in improved customer satisfaction, higher employee engagement, increased efficiency, enhanced reputation and greater profitability.

Are you a Quality System leader who:

  • feels unsure of what the requirements actually mean

  • feels overwhelmed by the requirements of leadership in a quality management system

  • feels confused about the specific actions and processes to demonstrate their leadership and commitment

  • doesn't know where to start, theres so much to do!

  • has a team of people waiting for your guidance in implementing, improving and maintaining a quality management system


If you can relate don't hesitate to contact me now for the full details of the Accomplished Quality Leader program. I have the solutions for you.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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